Blow Dry

Hair smoothing

Blow Dry Treatment

We provide a range of Blow Dry services for your hair.

Straight finish/ Ironing

This gives you sleek straight hair and we finish up using a shine serum to give it a glossy finish. The ironing process gives a polished sleek and shiny look to your hair.

Dream Curls/Tongs

We combine the styling effects of heat and hair-setting via cooling. Using tongs, you can get those curls that you were dreaming about.

Only Blow Dry

We blow dry your hair according to whether you want it straight or wavy.

Wash & Blow Dry

We wash your hair and then blow dry it to become straight or wavy, as you want it. We can even set it to any hairdo that you want.


We can make the prettiest Up Do hairstyles for you for any occasion, be it a wedding or for a prom appearance.

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