Hair Cut / Hair Trim

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Hair Cuts and Hair Trimming

We offer to cut your hair in different styles. We do haircutting for ladies and children. All the haircuts at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic include hair wash and blast dry

Regular haircuts for women include U-Style cut and straight cut which is the same is hair trimming to desired lengths.

Creative: Our technicians provide a variety of creative styles in which your hair can be cut. You just have to choose the style from the pictures shown to you and point it out to the hairstylist. They will do whatever is necessary.

Layer Cut: Our Technicians are experts in cutting your hair in different layers to look like a step-cut but with a much softer appearance.

Kids’ Cuts: there are a variety of style cuts that we use for children according to their age and the shape of their face and their hair type.

Fringe CutV/Bangs: We cut Fringes or Bangs (locks of hair) that fall to cover your forehead. We can make the fringes or bangs of any length: above the eyebrow, or even cover the eyes.

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