Hair forms – M / L

Best Hair Smoothing in Ernakulam

Hair forms – M / L

AT Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we provide a variety of hair treatments to make your hair look as beautiful as you want it.


It is a procedure to make your hair softer so that it appears silky and becomes more manageable. We also provide specialized treatment at Karthika’s if your desire is smoothened straight hair.


If you want straight hair you can choose to have Rebonding or Straightening of hair at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic.

Rebonding: At Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we use the highest quality ingredients to relax the hair and make the curls straight. This is a great solution for those of you who want straight hair. the new bonds that form keep your hair straight and beautiful.

Straightening: We give your hair permanent straightness by using safe reagents that restructure the hair bonds. We then use heat to permanently seal the new bonds that are formed. You will not need to deal with the frizz any longer.

Permanent Blow Dry

The Permanent Blow Dry treatment in Karthika’s Beauty Clinic helps to eliminate frizz and relaxes the waves present in the hair. This procedure also helps to enhance the shine in the hair.

Keratin Treatment

Our Keratin Treatment is a gentle process of straightening your hair. We start from the cuticle and coat your hair gently before blow-drying the hair and flattening it.

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