Hair Spa

Hair Spa

At Karthika’s offer different kinds of hair spa. We believe that hair spa is as good for your body as for your hair and head because of increased blood circulation. A Hair Spa makes your hair healthy, glowing and stronger.

Does your hair need rejuvenation, moisturizing and repair? Call Karthika’s Beauty Clinic and fix up a time for a Hair spa of your choice. It is the best way to combat stress and spur healthy hair growth.

We have different types of Hair Spa on offer: Regular Hair Spa, Moisturizing Hair Spa and Repair and Rejuvenate Hair Spa.

Regular Hair Spa

During a hair spa, we rid your scalp of all the impurities and this stimulates hair growth. Hair spa makes your hair bouncy, shiny and strong. The hair spa cleans your scalp of dandruff and fungus. It controls both hair fall and negates any hair damage.

Moisturizing Hair Spa

In this hair spa, we use a creamy mask that moisturizes the dry strands of hair, restores them and leaves it with a healthy look. The hair instantly looks softer and healthier than before.

Repair and Rejuvenate Hair Spa

In addition to being the perfect recipe for de-stressing, the Repair and Rejuvenate hair spa is crafted to nourish your hair follicles and rejuvenate the scalp. This spurs healthy hair growth. The hair spa helps to clear up clogged pores in the head and repairs damaged hair strands from the damaged end to the follicle.

Call us at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic today and fix up your Hair Spa appointment.