Hair treatments M/L

Hair treatments in Ernakulam

Hair treatments M/L

Karthika’s Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of Hair Treatment options.


Anti-Hairfall experts take care to free your scalp of all the dust, dirt, grime and fungus. Our Anti-Hair-fall shampoo is suited to even the most sensitive scalp. The oil massage works wonders to strengthen the hair follicles and increases hair circulation. This spurs hair growth and decreases hair fall.

Anti – Dandruff

At Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we first remove the agents that cause dandruff – dry skin and fungus that lives on the scalp. Our anti-dandruff treatment helps hair to regain its lost lustre and become healthy again. We recommend that anti-dandruff treatment be a regular part of the hair care routine. We use an effective anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner that is also mild and eliminates the fungus.

Anti-Dandruff and Spa

If you include the hair care spa as part of your anti-dandruff routine, it is doubly helpful for your hair. The spa helps to treat dry hair and scalp. The number of sessions to get rid of dandruff depends on the extent to which your hair is dry. The Anti-dandruff and spa hair treatment restores the shine in the hair and removes the allergies leaving your hair healthy and bouncy.

Relaxing Head Massage

Our professional head massagers perform the massage to relax the scalp and to improve the circulation. This promotes nutrient flow to the hair follicles and spurs growth of healthy hair. this head massage cures headaches and removes all the accumulated stress. We do the massage in a way that stimulates the nerves and muscles in the head. In the end, you are left feeling relaxed and refreshed.


For any type of hair treatment that you may need, just call us at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic and fix your appointment today.