Saree Drape

Saree Drape

Karthika Beauty Clinic’s trained and certified professionals are experts at saree draping for any occasion: weddings, engagement ceremonies, fashion shows, religious functions, and events of any kind. We offer both Classic and Elite Styles of Saree Draping.

Classic Style

We are experts in draping the saree in the traditional Indian way. This is preferred by a majority in both traditional and modern weddings. We provide at-home saree draping services as well.

Elite Style

With the saree acquiring a modern dress status today, we can drape sarees in any style that you want: as a sashay, ramp-walk style, in the Gujarati style, the Konkani/Maharashtrian, Malayali style, Brahmin style/Chettiar Style, Sri Lankan style, Coorgi Style or the Andhra/Karnataka style. The rates vary for the different styles.

Call us at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic today and fix up your saree draping appointment.