Saree Drape

Karthika Beauty Clinic’s trained and certified professionals are experts at saree draping for any occasion: weddings, engagement ceremonies, fashion

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Hair Do’s

In addition to helping you get the hairdo that you want and the most suited one for your face. Our specially trained hair stylists will help to style

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Pedicure and Manicure Services

Pedicure & Manicure

At Karthika’s Beauty Clinic, trained professionals will do the Pedicures and manicures to keep your hands and feet looking clean and groomed.

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Eyebrow Threading


At Karthika’s we provide the best eyebrows threading service in town. Eyebrow threading is a technique that helps you do away with stray

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Face Bleach


If you want to get rid of tan, pigmentation, cleanse the pores and bring about some oil control, bleaching your face is the way to go.

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Body Waxing

Classic waxing

Waxing is the most common method to remove unwanted and unsightly hair from your body. We wax the hair on any part of the body including the face

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Skin treatments Kochi

Skin treatments

At Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we offer a range of skincare treatment for prevention and improvement of skin damage. The different skin treatments

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Bleaching services

Clean up

At Karthika’s we realize that skin cleanup is a very important part of keeping your skin healthy. Our technicians recommend clean-ups

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Best Hair Smoothing in Ernakulam

Hair forms – M / L

AT Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we provide a variety of hair treatments to make your hair look as beautiful as you want it.

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Hair smoothing

Blow Dry

We provide a range of Blow Dry services for your hair. Straight finish/ Ironing:This gives you sleek straight hair and we finish up using a shine serum

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Crown highlight Coloring

Crown highlight & Coloring

You can Pick and Choose from our different Hair Colouring and Crown Highlights Options. Root Touch Up: We use the best spray concealers

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Hair Wash Beauty parlour Ernakulam

Hair Wash & Blast Dry

Shampoo Wash and Blast Dry: Our hair wash and Blast dry can eventually make your hair look great. We will clean your hair with gentle lukewarm water

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Best Hair Salon in Kochi

Hair Cut / Hair Trim

We offer to cut your hair in different styles. We do haircutting for ladies and children. All the haircuts at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic include hair wash and blast dry

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Hair Spa

At Karthika’s offer different kinds of hair spa. We believe that hair spa is as good for your body as for your hair and head because of increased blood circulation.

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bridal makeup

Make Up

AT Karthika’s Beauty Clinic, our makeup experts offer a variety of make-up options for your different requirements. We have technicians who will do full bridal make-up for your wedding

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Facial Treatment in Ernakulam


We have different facial treatments in our salon. After examining and evaluating your skin type and its quality, our expert technicians cleans massage and moisturize your skin

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Reflexology treatment service


Our Reflexology experts help to transport you into the most relaxed state of your mind, body and soul in about 30 minutes. This natural healing art tackles

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Hair treatments in Ernakulam

Hair treatments M/L

Karthika’s Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of Hair Treatment options. Anti-Hairfall: Anti-Hairfall experts take care to free your scalp of all the dust, dirt, grime and fungus.

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