Skin treatments

Skin treatments Kochi

Skin treatments

At Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we offer a range of skincare treatment for prevention and improvement of skin damage. The different skin treatments that we offer include:

Under Eye Treatment

We use specialized treatment to treat dark skin under the eye and also reduce the puffiness. We use specialized compounds that will lighten the area in addition to reducing the inflammation. We have different treatments including the application of cucumber masks for reduction of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Acne and Pimples Treatment

Acne and pimples are formed due to excessive secretions from the sebaceous glands getting trapped under the skin and getting infected. Our beauty technicians know how to take utmost care of your acne and pimples and help you with the appropriate face packs, scrubs and other treatment to help you get rid of the pimples and acne. Your treatment is chosen according to the skin type that you possess for the best results.

Pigmentation Treatment

Darkening of the facial skin in patches makes it unsightly to loo0k at and this is often referred to as pigmentation. Pigmentation can be caused in both men and women and can occur due to hormone imbalance, ageing, allergic reactions to medications, UV radiation, autoimmune disorders, stress, etc.

At Karthika’s we offer a wide range of pigmentation treatment packages such as fruit and chemical peels, mechanical exfoliation, enzyme peels, antioxidant therapy, lasers and skin-lightening facials.

Dry Skin Treatment

A face cleanup is an absolute necessity to keep your skin away from dryness and to maintain its hydration, natural glow and health. AT Karthika’s Beauty Clinic we offer specialized face cleanup for those with dry skin. It includes face packs, massage, and application of masques and moisturizers that help the hydration to reach to the deepest layers of the skin.

Give us a call at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic and fix up the Skin Treatment Package that you want.