Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrows Threading

At Karthika’s we provide the best eyebrows threading service in town. Eyebrow threading is a technique that helps you do away with stray and unwanted hair near your eyebrows and forehead. Eyebrow threading when done gives your face a neat, well-kept, and groomed look. It helps to improve the total clarity of the face.

Our threading artists, as we believe this is a fine art, go over row after row removing the wanted strands and give your eyebrows a neat and defined look.

Threading is considered a great option if you have sensitive skin prone to irritation when using hair-removing chemicals.

It is a cost-effective option too. We offer the most competitive rates in town for our eyebrows threading services. Threading is gentler and causes less pain than other options such as waxing. This is because it removes only the eyebrow hair. Our technicians also make sure they remove the finer strands of hair that do not stick to the hair removing wax. Thus it is a fine process.

Our technicians ensure that you will get the full and arched eyebrows that you dreamt of having. If you on skin medication, we will give you the perfect threading to shape your eyebrows the way you want it.

Most eyebrow threading shapes last for about 2 to 4 weeks. Our technicians will advise you as to when to make your next visit to help you keep the eyebrow hair healthy and at the same time give it a groomed look. Call us and fix an appointment for eyebrows threading as soon as you decide to visit us.

Call us at Karthika’s Beauty Clinic today and fix up your Eyebrows Threading appointment.